Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Indicating where you are?

Where did this blue circle/dot come from? 

Why has it appeared on Google Maps? 

What purpose does it serve? What is the larger blue circle around it identify?

All questions that have been asked since Google Maps implemented the use of this 'pulsating blue circle/dot'.

On this date, 28th November 2007, this magical blue circle appeared on Google Maps. People were asking questions ... wanting to know more about this blue circle that seemed to know where they were. It was a bit creepy as it could pinpoint their actual location.

In 2017, we can't imagine the excitement this created 10 years ago. How excited we all were about this new location services technology? You may remember it being launched, but most people probably don't. But we can guarantee there will have been an air of excitement when it was launched.

This was something amazingly new that took location services to the next level. It was a game-changer in the digital world. But today, it seems people have forgotten how special the magical blue circle is, so you can read here why we are celebrating the magical blue circle's 10th birthday.


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