Wednesday, 27 September 2017

You are invited to celebrate the Magical Blue Circle

Learn more about how to join the celebration.

This is the icon that put location services on the map and it's having a birthday. 

That birthday is November 28 and this year it will be 10. (Here's the link to the original Google Mobile Blog.)

Within hours of being announced, people wanted more. "All it needs now is voice for directions." "Enable touch screen!". "When is it going to be available for the iphone?"

Undaunted, the Blue Circle delivered.

But the blue circle began to feel left out in the cold ... closed out. Literally. Before entering restaurants, pulling into a driveway or walking into a party, once it's job was done, people would turn it off.

Ironically, as the location business moved from Beta to Big Time, the Blue Circle was getting lost in the crowd. New capabilities were being added to and combined with location. "Are people taking advantage of me?" The Blue Circle wondered.

Worse, people started questioning the blue circle's motives. Some stopped spending time with it. Some only used it when absolutely necessary. Others even called it creepy.

The circle went from being blue to feeling Blue.

But none the less, the Blue Circle has remained a loyal friend. It quietly does what it does, which is to say it is adding value to people's live day in and day out.

But now we have a chance to celebrate our slightly sad, but still magical, true blue friend. Some of you reading this know what we do, but for those who don't, we're a location-based augmented reality experience enabler. What we do is add detail to one's natural environment, enhancing locations in ways people will love and welcome. We've been around for a few years and we owe a lot to Blue Circle.

A couple of weeks ago, we realized that what we're doing is probably contributing to making the Blue Circle just a little sad. (skignz does some pretty good tricks.) This is why we're taking the lead to recognize this big birthday.

If you owe something to the Blue Circle and have your own special tricks and want a way to tell your story (not ours), or just want an excuse to throw a party, join us in showing the love. Just share an email and we'll reply with a link that shares more of our insights and ideas about what we're planning.

This will be fun. After all, it's a party...